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Our Story

The journey started in 1982 with an inspiration got from photograph of Ravana - a significant Mythology character from Ramayan. In Chirmiri, artist from Kolkata made a 52 feet huge statue of Ravana made up of straw, bamboo and paper. Photographs of that statue were collected and shared with Shri. Harshvardhan who is now owner of Odcraft by his brother inspiring the artist within him.

Thereafter, the work started with making of such statues of Ravana on this concept. Gradually, the art started grooming and with the passing years all family members became masters of this art of making vivid Ravana. This project was thus carried for years till 2011 when Harshvardhan was approached for making models of animals for some stage plays. He took the task willingly and prepared wounderful, lively models and puppets for this stage plays. There onwards the professional outlook to this art was established. And then he never looked back. Drama schools, collages approached him for developing drama properties. The entire process was based on paper rapping technique. As he widend the scope of his art, the sky became the limit. His art extended to Fairs, exhibitions and making tableaus at government programmes for celebration of special days like Hindi Diwas, State Foundation day, Independence day, Republic day. Encouraged with this Harshvardhan started experimenting with this technique of paper rapping models for dance and drama shows.

These included Face Masks, animal models, in animal puppet, miniatures etc. and the entire art took it's professional outlook. Looking to his magnificent art he was approached by Goverment of Madhya Pradesh for contributing in developing Tribal Museum in Bhopal. It was not the only objective to give the professional outlook to this art but Harshvardhan was also determined to take this art paper rapping model to society as well. This was fulfilled by organising 60 workshops to train artists, students and professionals.

These workshops not only covered the aspects of making these models with paper rapping method but also specified upon costing, raw material and shelf life. These models are costs very less and are light weighted, easy to use, unbreakable and easy to transport . The prepration method for these models is very simple and easy but it takes little longer time to prepare. these models. Paper rapping model is an unique concept and approach in the craft world. In paper ring model ,paper is pasted on another paper in a specialised way to give them specific shape and size as per the need of organistion and varied customer.